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    Nurturing Faith, Elevating Business with Love and Patience

    Hello! I’m Renea. Thank you for taking the time to stop by. This most likely means you clicked the link to find out more about me. Let’s pretend you are interviewing me because well, in reality, you sort of…are.

    What drives you? What is the core of who you are?

    Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ comes first in my life. It is He who gives me the strength to serve others and give timely advice, encouragement, hope, and create amazing things for my clients.

    What am I passionate about?




    That moment I was a keynote speaker for Procter & Gamble. The topic was “How Scent Affects Purchase Decisions”. I did a super fun workshop for them that included fragrance and making candles. Everyone loved it!

    Do you have kids?


    Throwback prior to marriages

    I have a big family. I have three adult children with their spouses: Alexis and Ervin; Holden & Cherokee; Clayton & Starlette.

    Thankfully, my children have blessed me with 9 grandchildren: Alecia, Shaylen, Koda, Karter, Elijah, Serenity, Myles, Sadie, and Brendan.

    The blessings from the Lord.

    Do you have any pets?




    Biscuit is currently my only fur baby. He is a Schnoodle and quite hilarious.

    Since I am blessed to have my brother with me, his adorable Lulu (aka Tater) is here. She is a…well, just have a look, and guess…

    Lulu aka Tater

    If you could be anywhere in the world, where would it be?


    After seeing all the four seasons for the whole year on video in Italy, most likely would buy a home there and spend an entire year to go through all the seasons.

    What are your hobbies?




    Learning Italian.

    Do you collect anything?

    I have lost a lot in life, a fire and a flood, destroying two homes within six months of each other. I have also moved a lot in my life and gave many things away. I have learned to hold possessions loosely.


    I collect stories and memories, funny memes, and precious things which I cannot collect with my hands. I collect them with my heart.

    What is your most prized possession?

    The Holy Bible.

    What do you think would most impress your five year old self? Your 15 year old self?

    Oh wow. Definitely the creativity part. My five year old self would be super proud of that and creating fragrances and oh, that I mastered cookie making. That would just be top level, grade A, accomplishments to her but this five year old would also be real disappointed that I got afraid of horses after I fell off on at 10.

    My 15 year old self. Are you talking about this girl right here with the Ralph Lauren popped collar and the Farrah Fawcett winged hair? Ok.

    Renea Hanks circa 1983
    • I say “no” to things and people that are not right for me
    • being a Christian affects all my decision making not just something I do on Sundays
    • some of the things that were funny to me then are crude and rude now
    • I love classical music
    • History and Social Studies I actually like
    • Chemistry and Math ARE actually needed in my field of work,
    • and our family DNA is incredibly surprising!

    What is your favorite season?


    Photo by Adriaan Greyling: https://www.pexels.com/photo/brown-house-near-pine-trees-covered-with-snow-754268/

    What is the bravest thing you ever did?

    Spoke up and defended someone that others were bullying.

    What is your favorite song?

    The Goodness of God by Cece Winans

    Whose death hit you hardest?

    My Mom’s death has been the absolute most painful of everyone, including my father, who was murdered.

    Her passing 5/5/22 broke my heart.

    My Momma right before she beat cancer.

    What do you think is the meaning of life?

    As Jesus said: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’ and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’”

    What is your dream role?

    The one I am in right now. Entrepreneur helping others

    Taking care of others is taking care of business.

    How do you deal with work stress?

    • Music- Classical, Jazz, and Lofi
    • Laughter/Making up skits and laughing a lot
    • Encouragement

    If you lived 500 years ago, what do you think your profession would be?

    A time machine mechanic.

    It’s possible. A Time Machine Mechanic.

    Just kidding. Probably a baker or chandler.

    What was your first job?

    10 years old I worked the weekend shift at Texoma Mobile Phone as a switchboard operator. This was not a constant thing but here and there and I loved doing it. It was fun!

    lol. It wasn’t THAT long ago.

    What was the hardest lesson you learned so far?

    Letting go.

    How do you take your coffee?

    Seriously. Very seriously.

    Espresso and I can’t really tell you. I have to look at it and see. It has gotten to the point that no one can make my coffee like me for taste and visual so I have to create the perfect cup at home.

    Do you prefer working remotely or in the office?

    Remote. I am a nomad.

    Pretty much…

    Do you prefer group work or solo work?

    Doesn’t matter to me as long as the work is done right and efficiently.

    Do you prefer emails, texts, or phone calls?

    In this order:

    • Email
    • Text
    • Phone call

    Emails are detailed and clear. I refer to them often. When phone calls are the main method of communication for projects, things are often missed.

    Do you believe that people can change?


    Do you believe you will accomplish your dreams?


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    10 Geeky Gadgets for the Ultimate Tech Adventure

    Gadget Girl’s Must-Have Tech Arsenal. I have always been into awesome gadgets. Some of these I use currently, used before, or know someone personally using these. (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases below.)

    • Raspberry Pi: A versatile, single-board computer that enables DIY projects and tinkering with hardware and software.
    • Smartwatch (e.g., Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch): Stay connected, track fitness, and receive notifications right from your wrist.
    • Noise-Canceling Headphones (e.g., Sony WH-1000XM4, Bose QuietComfort and Bose QuietComfort Earbuds): Immerse yourself in high-quality audio while blocking out external noise.

    These work so well that for my brother when I was yelling his name while he had them in he didn’t even hear me!

    • Smart Home Devices (e.g., Amazon Echo, Google Nest): Create a connected home environment with voice-controlled assistants and smart home automation.
    • Augmented Reality (AR) Glasses (e.g., Rokid Max AR): Explore the world of augmented reality for gaming, productivity, and immersive experiences.
    • Mechanical Keyboard: Customize your typing experience with a mechanical keyboard known for tactile feedback and durability.
    • VR Headset (e.g., Oculus Quest): Dive into virtual reality for gaming, simulations, and interactive experiences.
    • Drone (e.g., DJI Mavic Air, Parrot Anafi): Capture aerial footage and explore the skies with a high-quality drone.
    • 3D Printer: Bring your digital creations to life by 3D printing prototypes, models, and custom designs.
    • Programming Kit (e.g., Arduino, LEGO Mindstorms, etc): Learn and experiment with coding and robotics through programmable kits that offer hands-on learning experiences.

    Remember that individual preferences may vary, and the choice of gadgets depends on personal interests and tech-related hobbies. Additionally, always consider the latest models and advancements in technology when exploring gadgets in the rapidly evolving tech market.

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    Ready for Victory? Build Your Winning Team Now!

    At Solid Solutions Today, we specialize in providing cutting-edge solutions to optimize your talent and drive business success. Our flagship offering, The Predictive Index software, empowers you to make informed decisions, enhance team dynamics, and achieve unparalleled results.

    Unlock Your Business Potential with The Predictive Index.

    Why Choose The Predictive Index:

    • Strategic Talent Optimization: Align your people strategy with your business goals for maximum impact.
    • Data-Driven Insights: Leverage powerful analytics to understand your workforce and drive informed decision-making.
    • Team Harmony: Foster collaboration and boost productivity with a deep understanding of team dynamics.
    • Proven Results: Join countless organizations that have experienced transformative success with The Predictive Index.

    Our Commitment to You:

    Solid Solutions Today is more than a software provider; we are your partners in growth. Our team is dedicated to ensuring a seamless integration of The Predictive Index into your business processes. From onboarding to ongoing support, we are here for you every step of the way.

    Ready to Elevate Your Business?

    Schedule a personalized consultation to explore how The Predictive Index can revolutionize your approach to talent management. Take the first step toward a future of success with Solid Solutions Today.

    Get Started: Schedule a Consultation

    Enhancing Team Dynamics with Creativity: Fun Candlemaking Workshops in Oklahoma

    At Solid Solutions Today, we understand that building strong teams goes beyond software solutions. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our unique team building workshops in Oklahoma, where the art of candlemaking meets collaborative fun.

    Why Choose Our Team Building Workshops:

    • Creativity Unleashed: Ignite creativity within your team as they explore the art of candlemaking together. Our workshops provide a hands-on and enjoyable experience that fosters innovative thinking and problem-solving.
    • Team Bonding Through Art: Strengthen the bonds among your team members as they collaborate on candle design and creation. This engaging activity encourages communication, teamwork, and a sense of shared accomplishment.
    • Memorable Experiences: Create lasting memories outside the traditional office setting. Our candlemaking workshops offer a break from routine, allowing your team to connect in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.
    • Tailored to Your Team: Whether you’re a small startup or a large corporation, our workshops can be customized to meet the unique needs and goals of your team. We believe in the power of personalized experiences to enhance team dynamics.

    Our Commitment to Your Team’s Success:

    At Solid Solutions Today, we extend our commitment to your team’s success beyond software integration. Our innovative team building workshops are designed to compliment your business strategies, bringing a fresh perspective to team collaboration and unity.

    Ready to Illuminate Team Spirit?

    Explore the synergies of talent optimization with The Predictive Index software, and compliment your journey with a touch of creativity through our incredibly fun candlemaking workshops. Schedule a consultation today to discover how Solid Solutions Today can elevate both your team dynamics and business outcomes.

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    Fun and Memorable Team Building Workshops Your Team Will Love!

    Team Building Workshops…Sounds Cool. What is it? Workshops facilitated by a certified The Predictive Index (PI) partner (That’s me!) are interactive sessions designed to help organizations and teams leverage the insights provided by The Predictive Index tool. These workshops are typically conducted by professionals who have been certified by PI to use and interpret the assessments effectively. The goal is to apply the behavioral and cognitive insights gained from The Predictive Index in a practical and actionable manner to improve team dynamics, communication, and overall performance.

    Key Aspects of Workshops through a Certified The Predictive Index Partner

    1. Understanding PI Assessments: Participants learn about The Predictive Index assessments, which include behavioral assessments like the Behavioral Assessment (BA) and cognitive assessments like the Cognitive Assessment (CA). The workshop covers the significance of each assessment and how it contributes to understanding individual and team dynamics.

    2. Interpreting Results: Certified facilitators guide participants in interpreting their PI assessment results. This involves understanding behavioral patterns, communication styles, and work preferences based on the data generated by The Predictive Index.

    3. Team Building and Collaboration: Workshops often focus on applying PI insights to enhance team collaboration. This may involve activities, discussions, and exercises that help team members understand each other better, appreciate differences, and find strategies for effective collaboration.

    4. Leadership Development: For leadership teams, workshops may explore how PI insights can inform leadership styles and approaches. This can contribute to more effective communication, decision-making, and overall leadership effectiveness.

    5. Customization for Organizational Goals: Certified partners tailor workshops to address specific organizational goals and challenges. This customization ensures that the content is relevant and directly applicable to the organization’s unique context.

    6. Action Planning: The workshops typically involve creating actionable plans based on the insights gained. Participants identify strategies for improving communication, resolving conflicts, and optimizing team dynamics using the knowledge acquired from The Predictive Index.

    Certified PI partners play a crucial role in guiding organizations through the process of applying The Predictive Index to enhance talent optimization, team effectiveness, and overall organizational success. Workshops offer a hands-on and collaborative approach to applying behavioral insights in a practical context.

    Workshops conducted by Solid Solutions Today, as a certified partner of The Predictive Index, go beyond traditional training sessions. These engaging workshops leverage The Predictive Index assessments to enhance team dynamics, communication, and overall organizational performance. What sets our workshops apart is the integration of fun and creativity, with a unique twist – candlemaking.

    Key Features of Our Workshops

    1. Understanding PI Assessments: Gain insights into behavioral and cognitive assessments offered by The Predictive Index, providing a deep understanding of individual and team dynamics.

    2. Interpreting Results: Our certified facilitators guide participants through the interpretation of PI assessment results, fostering a comprehensive understanding of communication styles and work preferences.

    3. Team Building and Collaboration: Enhance team collaboration through interactive activities and discussions designed to promote understanding, appreciation of differences, and effective collaboration.

    4. Leadership Development: Tailored for leadership teams, our workshops explore how PI insights can inform leadership styles, contributing to more effective communication and decision-making.

    5. Customization for Organizational Goals: We customize workshops to address your organization’s specific goals and challenges, ensuring that the content is directly applicable to your unique context.

    Adding Fun and Creativity with Candlemaking At Solid Solutions Today, we go a step further by infusing creativity and fun into our workshops. As part of our team building initiatives, we offer a unique candlemaking experience. This creative activity not only adds an enjoyable element to the workshop but also creates lasting memories for your team.

    Our commitment goes beyond traditional training; we are dedicated to providing a holistic and enjoyable learning experience that contributes to the long-term success of your organization.

    Ready to enhance your team dynamics with a touch of creativity? Schedule a free personalized consultation today.

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    The Predictive Index Paves The Way To A Better Work And Better World!

    AI and The Predictive Index are Making a Better Work Environment and a Better World. Using AI, coupled with tools like The Predictive Index, has the potential to contribute to creating a better work environment and, by extension, a better world. Here’s how this combination can bring about positive changes:

    Optimizing Talent Management:

    • AI-driven tools like The Predictive Index analyze vast amounts of data to provide insights into individual and team dynamics. This optimization helps organizations place the right people in the right roles, fostering job satisfaction, engagement, and overall productivity.

    Enhancing Diversity and Inclusion:

    • AI can help identify and mitigate biases in talent management processes. By leveraging AI to analyze data objectively, organizations using The Predictive Index can foster diversity and inclusion, ensuring that decisions related to hiring, promotions, and team composition are fair and equitable.

    Improving Employee Well-being:

    • The Predictive Index, in conjunction with AI, can provide insights into factors that contribute to employee well-being. By understanding individual needs, preferences, and stressors, organizations can tailor their approach to support employee mental health, job satisfaction, and work-life balance.

    Facilitating Continuous Learning:

    • AI can personalize learning experiences based on individual strengths and areas for improvement identified by The Predictive Index. This supports continuous learning and professional development, empowering employees to grow in their careers.

    Strengthening Team Collaboration:

    • The Predictive Index, when integrated with AI, can offer dynamic insights into team dynamics and communication styles. This information helps teams collaborate more effectively, fostering a positive work environment where diverse perspectives are valued.

    Driving Innovation:

    • By harnessing AI to analyze patterns and trends within the workforce, organizations can identify opportunities for innovation and improvement. The Predictive Index assists in aligning the right talent with innovation initiatives, driving positive change within the organization.

    Adapting to Change:

    • In a rapidly changing business landscape, AI, alongside The Predictive Index, can help organizations adapt more quickly. By analyzing workforce data, organizations can identify potential challenges and opportunities, enabling proactive strategies for navigating change.

    Strategic Decision-Making:

    • The combination of AI and The Predictive Index empowers leaders to make strategic decisions based on data-driven insights. This approach enhances organizational agility, ensuring that decisions are aligned with both business goals and the well-being of the workforce.

    Global Impact:

    • As organizations implement better work practices using AI and The Predictive Index, the ripple effect extends to the broader community and society. Improved employee satisfaction, diversity, and innovation contribute to positive social impact, creating a better world beyond the workplace.

    By leveraging the capabilities of AI and The Predictive Index, organizations can create an ecosystem that values individuals, promotes diversity, fosters innovation, and contributes to a positive global impact—ultimately working toward a better work environment and a better world.

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    Get Started-Book Now to Schedule Your Path to Success

    Welcome to Solid Solutions Today, where we’re dedicated to unlocking your business potential through innovative solutions and The Predictive Index software. Take the next step towards achieving unparalleled results by scheduling a personalized consultation with us.

    Why Schedule a Consultation with Solid Solutions Today:

    1. Tailored Solutions: Benefit from solutions specifically crafted for your business needs, aligning your people strategy with your overarching goals.
    2. Data-Driven Insights Session: Leverage powerful analytics to gain a deeper understanding of your workforce. Our consultants will guide you through data-driven decision-making processes.
    3. Team Harmony Evaluation: Foster collaboration and boost productivity by gaining insights into your team dynamics. Understand how your team can work cohesively towards success.
    4. Proven Results Discussion: Join the ranks of countless organizations that have experienced transformative success with The Predictive Index. Learn about real-world success stories and how they align with your business objectives.

    Our Commitment to You:

    Solid Solutions Today is more than just a software provider; we’re your growth partners. Our commitment extends from onboarding to ongoing support, ensuring a seamless integration of The Predictive Index into your business processes.

    Meetings Held on Google Meet:

    Our consultations are held virtually on Google Meet, providing a convenient and secure platform for our discussions.

    Schedule your consultation below now and take the first step toward a future of success with Solid Solutions Today.

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    Unlock Peak Performance – Talent Optimization Strategies With The Predictive Index

    What Is Talent Optimization? Talent optimization is a strategic approach to aligning an organization’s people strategy with its business strategy to achieve the best possible outcomes. It involves understanding, engaging, and optimizing the talent within a company to enhance performance, productivity, and overall success.

    Key Components of Talent Optimization

    • Talent Acquisition: Identifying and attracting the right individuals with the skills, values, and cultural fit that align with the organization’s goals.
    • Talent Development: Investing in the growth and skills development of employees to ensure they can contribute effectively to the organization’s success.
    • Talent Alignment: Ensuring that individual and team goals align with the broader objectives of the organization, fostering a cohesive and collaborative work environment.
    • Talent Analytics: Leveraging data and analytics to gain insights into workforce dynamics, behaviors, and performance, enabling informed decision-making.
    • Continuous Feedback and Communication: Establishing open channels for communication and providing regular feedback to promote employee engagement, development, and satisfaction.
    • Adjustment and Adaptation: Being flexible and responsive to changes in the business environment, adjusting talent strategies to meet evolving needs.

    The Role of The Predictive Index in Talent Optimization

    The Predictive Index, a tool often used for talent optimization, employs behavioral and cognitive assessments to provide insights into individual and team dynamics. It helps organizations understand how people work, what motivates them, and how they can contribute most effectively to the company’s objectives. This data-driven approach facilitates better decision-making in talent acquisition, team building, leadership development, and overall workforce optimization.

    By aligning talent strategies with business strategies, talent optimization seeks to create a work environment where employees are engaged, teams collaborate effectively, and the organization is well-positioned for sustained success in a dynamic and competitive landscape.

  • Resources

    Unlock Success with 10 Essential Software Resources for Thriving Businesses

    Power Up Your Business with 10 Essential Software Resources for Small to Medium Enterprises.


    • Organize projects and boost team productivity with Trello’s intuitive project management tools.


    • Elevate your marketing efforts with Mailchimp’s email marketing and automation platform.


    • Transform your business with HubSpot’s all-in-one growth suite, covering marketing, sales, and customer service.


    • Streamline team communication and collaboration with Slack’s messaging and file-sharing platform.

    G Suite:

    • Boost productivity and collaboration with Google’s suite of business applications, including Gmail, Docs, and Drive.

    Zoho CRM:

    • Elevate your sales efforts with Zoho CRM’s customer-centric solutions.


    • Build and customize your business website easily with Wix’s user-friendly website builder.


    • Simplify operations and streamline workflows with Monday.com’s visual project management tools.


    • Manage and amplify your social media presence with Hootsuite’s social media management platform.

    Dropbox Business:

    • Securely share and collaborate on files with Dropbox Business’s cloud-based file-sharing platform.